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IDFPR Releases Complaint Enforcement Flow Chart

To All Real Estate Appraisal Licensees:

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, may the information below and the link provided make the enforcement process for your profession clear and available for all to know.

Enforcement Flow Chart for Real Estate Appraisal

Below is a link for a PDF which is the current Enforcement Flow Chart that illustrates step by step the disciplinary process for your profession along with related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).–%20Real%20Estate%20Appraisal%20–%20Enforcement%20Flow%20Chart%20–%2011-07-2018--_1541770739.pdf

Notice by Email

By law, the DRE can and does send all notices, including those sent in connection with enforcement actions, to licensees by email.

If an email sent by the DRE is diverted to your junk folder or spam folder, you risk having disciplinary action taken against you and your license by default.

The DRE asks that all licensees confirm that email addresses ending with are added to a safe sender list or whitelist to avoid critical emails being sent to a junk folder or spam folder.

Please see the instructions listed here for how to add an email address to a safe sender list or whitelist for some of the most common email clients (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo).

Whitelist Email Addresses in an Email Client or Security Program